NMLS Continuing Education: How to Get the Most Out of Your 8-Hour CE Class as a Mortgage Loan Originator

Have you signed up for an 8-hour NMLS Continuing Education class yet? If you’re an MLO who completed pre-licensing last year, you need to take an 8-hour CE class to renew your license.  Read our complete guide to NMLS continuing education right here.  Choosing an 8-hour continuing education class isn’t the easiest job in the world.  Power up Google and punch in “nmls continuing education” and you’ll know exactly what I mean. 
Nearly 2 million choices.  Let the overwhelm begin.  Luckily, for you, you’ve got us at Affinity. We know how confusing all this decision-making can be and that’s why we’ve put together this detailed post.  We designed this post to help you choose choose the best LIVE 8-hour CE class for your needs and get the most out of attending that class so you can renew your license AND your confidence in your MLO skills and expertise.

How to Choose the Best LIVE 8-Hour NMLS Continuing Education Class


Choosing a LIVE class isn’t the easiest but with this nifty checklist, you’ll know just what to look for. 

Where is the class held?

The first thing to check is the location of the class.

How far is it from you?

Can you reach it easily enough without having to take a cross-country flight? 

Our LIVE classes are held in Bellflower at our fully equipped training center.


If you have an agency with 15 or more MLOs, we can come on-site and train them at your location! Email us at artricia123@gmail.com to discuss details.  


Are there multiple dates? 

Can you choose a date that works best for you?

Do they offer multiple options so you can choose one that works well for your schedule and is it possible for you to review all available dates and make an informed choice? 

You can check out ALL our available dates right here on our Events calendar and book a date that’s best for you.   Need ONLINE – click here.

Who are the instructors? 

This one is super important.

Does your choice of training institute give you complete details about the credibility and qualifications of your instructors? Can you read real reviews by past students

More importantly, can you review their teaching style via videos? 

At Affinity, not only can you read about our story and who we are but you can also binge watch our YouTube training videos that help you see how our lead instructors deliver!

Are the classes engaging and interactive? 

It’s important for LIVE classes to be engaging and interactive. You don’t want to be in a room for 8-hours with someone who bores you to death one monotonous word at a time, right? 


Check with past students about the delivery style and if they enjoyed it while learning a ton too.

What’s the course content?  You want to choose an institute that gives you the most comprehensive yet overwhelm-free training for your continuing education Review the training material to ensure that it is updated and robustly designed. 

How to Get the Most Out of your CE Class

Once you’ve decided on your LIVE 8-hour CE class, it’s time for you to prep so you can get the most out of this class. 

Here are tips that will go a long way in not just renewing your license but also your confidence in your skills. 

Remember, you do need to take an exam after the CE class and pass it with a minimum score of 70%. 

1.Rest up the night before 

Partying the night before your LIVE classroom class isn’t the smartest thing to do and yet, you’ll be surprised at how many students show up sleep-deprived for their class. 

Don’t be one of those students. 

Instead, get an early night, sleep well and show up rested and ready to rock the class! 


2. Show up before class starts

Make sure you know when to leave home so you can reach the class not just on time but before time.

It would be nice for you to reach a little early so you don’t get stressed should you not find parking or the right place! 

Plus, it’s nice to show up early so you can chat with the instructors and your fellow students. Always helps to expand your professional network, right? 

3. Stay hydrated 

The class is an 8-hour class so you’ll be there for pretty much the whole day. Remember to take water and snacks with you. Going too long without water and snacks would cause your sugar levels to crash leading to brain fog and lethargy. 


4. Ask clarifying questions 

This is a class for you to brush up your knowledge on important, must-know MLO concepts, so don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask questions. 

Also, pay attention to the questions that others are asking. You may not have thought of them but knowing the answers to them can be super helpful! 

5. Take notes 

Finally and most importantly, take plenty of notes.

You will have knowledge checks and class discussion activities after each module but it’s essential you note down what you’re learning so you can review and recap information once the class is over AND pass your exam with a minimum of 70%. 

Your all-important next steps include: 

Sign up for a LIVE 8-Hour CE Class

Sign up for a LIVE 8-Hour CE Course – click here

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