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Are you planning to become a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator? If so, you must pass the National Test. Make no mistake, it is a tough exam.

Our test preparation program has been updated to include TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID), New HUD Rules, and the New Borrowers Home Loan Tool Kit. The Mastery Level Course (NMLS Exam Prep II) – includes ALL of the items in the Basic Level Course, in addition to the items listed below.


Every mortgage professional who originates loans for a non-Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.-insured entity must be licensed. Being licensed means having to pass the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) pre-licensing exam.

According to the NMLS website, between July 30, 2009, and this past November 30, 2018 the first time “pass” rate of the national loan originator exam has fallen to 55 percent. That means that almost 45% of test-takers are failing the exam! This is an indication that the test is not too easy! We have a 92% pass rate based on students that have taken our Exam Prep Cram Course.

About the exam

The exam is relatively standard. It includes 120 computer-generated, multiple-choice questions that must be answered within three hours.

In order to pass the exam, originators must achieve a passing score of 75 percent or better. If you fail, you must wait 30 days to retake the exam. If you fail 3 times – you must wait six (6) month before your allowed to retake the exam.

Can your business afford to be sidelined for that long?

This is an online prep courses to prepare students to take the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test – National Component with Uniform State Test.

Our online course includes over 10 hours of online content with 30 instructional videos and 15 practice exams modeled after the content of the NMLS Exam.

“Thank you Artricia Woods. After taking the exam twice and failing with previous schools, I only had one more shot before having to wait 6 months.

I listened to Artricia, went to the live crash course, studied the flash cards and finally passed the exam!! Highly recommended!!! Don’t waste your time and money on other training schools!”

– Tomer Y., Los Angeles, CA

“Took a 20 hour class online for my MLO license and failed miserably.

Found the live crash course that Artricia Woods teaches and it saved me. Taught in way that makes it easy to remember and learn key terms and laws.

If I would have taken the live 20 hour course she teaches along with the crash I would have aced the test.”

– Ronald T., Adelanto, CA

“So excited to share with everyone that I passed! I joined the crash course one week before my Exam, Artricia refreshed all the important material that helped us to remember… you MUST join the crash course, it’s really helpful!

I practiced all the Affinity Online Exams (10 Mop exam) and then I printed all out and studied all the answers again and again, at the real exam, of course, you must read and understand the questions clearly before you check the answer. Thank God, I made it! It’s not an easy exam. Highly recommend this school/crash course to you! Once again, thank you Artricia!”

– Money T., Monterey Park, CA

Course Curriculum

Getting Started

► General Overview / Welcome Video

► Your course checklist (PDF download)

► Course completion secrets (PDF download)

► How to obtain your NMLS Number (Video & PDF download)

► How to schedule your exam (video)

► Things to remember (video)

► NMLS Exam Prep Crash Course Workbook (PDF download)


Module 1: Federal Related Mortgage Laws (23%) - Part 1
► CFPB Overview

► Overview of RESPA

► TILA-RESPA (TRID) Integrated Disclosures & Timeline

  • Overview of TRID – Parts 1-3
  • Sample Loan Estimate (PDF download)
  • Sample closing disclosure (PDF download)

► Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

  • Overview of TILA
  • Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act
  • TILA & Advertising Rules
  • Ability-to-Repay Rule & Qualified Mortgages
  • Home ownership and Equity Protection Act
  • TILA rules related to appraisal reports

► Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 - Federal Related Mortgage Laws - Part 2

►Equal Credit Opportunities Act Video

►Equal Credit Opportunities Act Slide Deck (PDF)

►Fair Housing Act Video

►Fair Housing Act Slide Deck (PDF)

►Fair Credit Reporting Act Video

►Fair Credit Reporting Act Slide Deck (PDF)

►FACT Act Video

►FACT ACT Slide Deck (PDF)

►GLBA Act Video

►GLBA Slide Deck (PDF)

►Other Federal Laws Slide Deck (PDF)


Module 3 - General Mortgage Knowledge (23%)

►Non-Traditional Mortgages Video

►Non-Traditional Mortgages Slide Deck (PDF)

►FHA Loans Video

►FHA Loans Slide Deck (PDF)

►VA Loan Video

►VA Loans Slide Deck (PDF)

►USDA Loans Video

►USDA Loans Slide Deck (PDF)

►Adjustable Rate Mortgages Video

►Adjustable Rate Mortgage Slide Deck (PDF)

►Other Mortgage Terms Video

►Other Mortgage Products Slide Deck (PDF)

►Mortgage Loan Terms Video

►Other Mortgage Products Slide Deck (PDF)


Module 4 - Mortgage Loan Origination Activities (25%)


►Loan Origination Part 1 Video

►Loan Origination Activities Part 1 Slide Deck (PDF)

►Loan Origination Activities Part 2 Video

►Loan Origination Activities Part 2 Slide Deck (PDF)

►Other Mortgage Products Slide Deck (PDF)

►Understanding the Math Video

►Understanding the Math Slide Deck (PDF)


Module 5 - Ethics (16%))

►Ethics in Mortgage Lending Video

►Ethics in Mortgage Lending Slide Deck (PDF)

►Predatory Lending Video

►Predatory Lending Slide Deck (PDF)


Module 6 - Uniform State Content (13%)

►The SAFE Act Video

►The SAFE Act Slide Deck (PDF)

►State Regulatory Authority Video

►State Regulatory Authority Slide Deck (PDF)


Module 7 - Bonuses

►”Who must be licensed to Originate Mortgages (PDF)



►Resource – Uniform State Test MAP (PDF)

► How to use the Online Flash Cards

► Audible Flashcards #1-50

► Audible Flashcards #51-100

► Audible Flashcards #101-150

► Audible Flashcards #151-200

► Audible Flashcards #201-250

► Audible Flashcards #251-300

► Audible Flashcards #301-350

► Audible Flashcards #351-375

► Advance Study Manual: Over 600 key facts you must know to successfully prepare for the NMLS National Exam

► A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a NMLS Licensing Endorsement

► Federal Regulations – Additional Study Exam Prep

► General Mortgage Knowledge – Additional Study Exam Prep

► Mortgage Loan Origination – Additional Study Exam Prep

► Ethics – Additional Study Exam Prep

► SAFE ACT and Uniform State Test (UST) Study Tool

► MLO Crash Course – Extra Cram – Federal Section (Mastery Level ONLY)

►MLO Crash Course – Extra Cram – Nontraditional Mortgage (Mastery Level ONLY)

►MLO Crash Course – Extra Cram – Ethics (Mastery Level ONLY)

►MLO Crash Course – Extra Cram – Mortgage Loan Original Section (Mastery Level ONLY)

►MLO Crash Course – Extra Cram – Safe Act and UST (Mastery Level ONLY)

► Glossary of Mortgage Terms to Memorize – PDF

► Recording – “LIVE” Exam Prep Course Section


Practice Exams
►Practice Exam #1
►Practice Exam #2
►Practice Exam #3
►Practice Exam #4
►Practice Exam #5
►Practice Exam #6
►Practice Exam #7
►Practice Exam #8
►Practice Exam #9
►Practice Exam #10
►Practice Exam #11
►Practice Exam #12
►Practice Exam #13
►Practice Exam #14
►Practice Exam #15
Resources & Links
►Overview of NMLS Licensing Fees FREE TRIAL
►Link to the CalBRE Website
►Link to the NMLS Website
►Being Licensed under the BRE or the DBO – Understanding the Difference
►Real Estate BROKER Guide to obtaining NMLS Endorsement
►Individual Guide to Obtaining NMLS License Department of Business Oversight – DBO (non-real estate related)

This course comes with over $1,000 value study resources to speed up your success… FOR FREE!

TEN (10) hours of Instruction

Each student will receive 10 hours of instruction.

Includes 4-hr Video/Audio of an entire LIVE Course

Get access to a 4-hr video of an entire LIVE class session.

15 Practice Exams with 100 Questions/Answers

Get real-world practice for the NMLS exam with these sample tests so you not only understand the test outline but also get to assess your own preparation and fine tune it!

ONLINE 500 Audible/Downloadable Flash Cards

You’ll get 500 Audible/Downloadable Flash Cards. 

Advanced Study Manual - 800+ Key Facts You Must Know to Pass the Exam

You’ll get a copy of the Advanced Study Manual.

NMLS Test Outline [PDF]

You’ll get a copy of the NMLS Test outline.

The “Successful Student Study Guide”

You’ll get a copy of the “Successful Student Study Guide”.

The 12 TIPS to Passing the NMLS [Resource Guide]

You’ll get a copy of the 12 TIPS to Passing the NMLS [Resource Guide].

The Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an NMLS License [Resource Guide]

You’ll get a copy of the “Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an NMLS License”.

Definitions Related to the SAFE ACT [Resource Guide]

You’ll get a copy of “Definitions Related to the SAFE ACT [Resource Guide]”.

Federal Mortgage-Related Laws Study Tool

You’ll get a copy of the “Federal Mortgage-Related Laws Study Tool”.

Loan Origination Activities Study Tool

You’ll get a copy of the “Loan Origination Activities Study Tool ”.

General Mortgage Knowledge Study Tool

You’ll get a copy of the “General Mortgage Knowledge Study Tool”.

Safe Act and Uniform State Test Study Tool

You’ll get a copy of the “Safe Act and Uniform State Test Study Tool”.

Ethics Study Tool

You’ll get a copy of the “Ethics Study Tool”.


A ridiculously low $260.

Considering most mortgage loan originators make anywhere between $68,000 to $210,000 (source: Indeed.com), this $260 for a comprehensive online crash course is the best investment you can make for your professional success.

This ONLINE Exam Prep Crash course – Mastery Level is a steal when you consider that you’ll be making double, or even triple, of that as an MLO!

more from our students:

“Thanks to Artricia and her crash course with Affinity Mortgage I passed my mortgage licensing test on my first try! I used a different company for my 20 hour course but still didn’t understand anything.

After I took Artricia’s course everything clicked and I’m a horrible test taker. She explains everything in a way that anyone can understand. Thanks again Artricia!”

Truc. D., Abbeville, LA

“Thank you Artricia! I followed your steps and studied all the material you sent me after completing your NMLS Crash Course and I just passed my test today on my first attempt with 90%!

Will definitely be recommending your class to anyone looking to get their NMLS State license.”

Patricia S., Glendale, CA

Our courses are perfect if you are new to the mortgage industry and for experienced professionals who are getting back in the business. All courses are led by skilled lending professionals who know the business inside and out. Critical concepts are clearly and thoroughly explained, and all your questions are answered in our programs.

We have live, online and webinar style training for the NMLS Exam Prep Class that start on YOUR schedule.


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What is Affirm?

Affirm is a consumer-friendly financing option so you can buy now and pay later with NO hidden fees.

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