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2 Hour CA-DBO SAFE: California Law & Regulations Online Course
In the state of California, there are two licensing agencies. The California Department of Business Oversight (CA-DBO) and the California Bureau of Real Estate (CA-BRE). Each agency requires completion of 20 hours of NMLS approved education and passing of the national and California state exams.
As of January 1st 2015, the CA-DBO requires 2 hours of pre-licensing education to be DBO specific. Affinity has received approval for this course and is offered separately or along with the 20 Hour SAFE course.

The Two Hour Review of California Mortgage Law (CA-DBO) provides a review of the laws that impact mortgage activities in California.

In this course, students will spend one hour learning about the California Finance Lenders Law and its associated regulations, and one hour reviewing the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act and its associated regulations.

This course meets the 2-hour California-DBO-specific pre-licensing education requirement for loan originators and offers a thorough review of the information and laws that license applicants must understand in order to make, broker, or originate loans in compliance with California law.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

► Comply with the general provisions of the California Finance Lenders Law specific to licensing requirements and regulations.
► Adhere to applicable regulations under the California Finance Lenders Law contained in Chapter 3, Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations, commencing with Section 1404.

► Adhere to the licensing requirements for a residential mortgage lender, residential mortgage loan servicer and a mortgage loan originator as set forth by the CRMLA.
► Define the administrative powers and processes of the commission to issue a license, deny a license, assess fees and impose disciplinary actions.

You will receive everything you need to successfully complete your state specific education requirement. Your course credits will be uploaded directly into the NMLS Licensing System Database at the conclusion of your course and a completion certificate will be emailed to you. 

Course investement? $89

Terms and Conditions apply.  See full Refund Policy for more information.

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