Need help passing the NMLS Exam? — Here are some strategies to help you!! [UPDATED 2020]

As one of the ONLY Real Estate Training Schools in Southern California offering “LIVE” Classroom Pre-licensing classes as well as “LIVE” Exam Prep Crash courses for potential loan originators, I have met a lot of people who have a difficult time passing the NMLS Exam.  If you think you might need help passing the NMLS Exam, this is for you.

As of March 2020, we added “LIVE” webinars to our list of available options: LIVE 3-Day NMLS 20-Hour Pre-Licensing Bootcamp Webinar and LIVE 5-Hour NMLS Exam Prep Course Webinar.

An important piece of advice that I give someone who would like to pass the NMLS mortgage loan originator test is, “YOU must study smarter, not just harder!” — This means, you will need to develop a mindset and perspective about the MLO test – one that will help you to truly understand the test format and questions in a unique and helpful way!

Many test-takers go wrong by trying to memorize the materials without realizing, The SAFE test is designed to truly “test” your knowledge – not just your ability to memorize pages and pages of practice exams and answers. It’s for THAT reason the test is extremely hard! I repeat, memorization of the material – will NOT help you to pass!

Statistics show that the current pass rate for the exam is 58%.  This means that almost half of the individuals who take the exam FAIL.  That’s an alarming number of people not passing the exam! Statistics also indicate that even those who go back and take the exam a second time, have a pass rate of only 44%!  YIKES!!!!!  

If you have already taken the test – and would like to pass it for good – below are a  few “proven” strategies which I give to help students to achieve the goal of passing the exam:

  1. Retake the Pre-licensing class if you feel you didn’t “grasp” the basics
  2. Take an Exam Prep Course!  We offer LIVE (classroom courses), LIVE Webinars and Online Self-Paced options.
  3. STOP relying on practice quizzes as your ONLY study method.  Use a variety of study methods including reading, flashcards, audio recordings, etc. – things that can really help you to UNDERSTAND the material.

For more help, check out our schedule of courses! — where we will help you to pass this test for good!

Now, all that stands between you and your MLO license is one click.


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