As one of the ONLY Real Estate Training Schools in Southern California offering “LIVE” Classroom Pre-licensing classes as well as “LIVE” Exam Prep Crash courses for potential loan originators, I have meet a lot of people who have a difficult time passing the NMLS Exam.

An important piece of advice that I give someone who would like to pass the NMLS mortgage loan originator test is, “YOU must study smarter, not just harder!” — This means, you will need to develop a mindset and perspective about the MLO test – one that will help you to truly understand the test format and questions in a unique and helpful way!

Many test-takers go wrong by trying to memorize the materials without realizing, The SAFE test is designed to truly “test” your knowledge – not just your ability to memorize pages and pages of practice exams and answers. It’s for THAT reason the test is extremely hard! I repeat, memorization of the material – will NOT help you to pass!

Statistics show that the current pass rate for the exam is 61%.  This means that almost 40% of the individuals who take the exam FAIL.  That’s an alarming number of people not passing the exam! Statistics also indicate that event those who go back and take the exam a second time, have a pass rate of only 44%!  YIKES!!!!!  

If you have already taken the test – and would like to pass it for good – below are a  few “proven” strategies which I give to help students to achieve the goal of passing the exam:

  1. Retake the Pre-licensing class
  2. Take a LIVE Exam Prep Course
  3. STOP relying on practice quizzes as your ONLY study method.  Use a variety of study methods including reading, flashcards, audio recordings, etc. – things that can really help you to UNDERSTAND the material.

For more help, check out our schedule of courses! — where we will help you to pass this test for good!


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