Mortgage Training Continuing Education Classes for MLOs: Should You Take an Online Course?

The debate is a never-ending one. Should you choose an online class for your continuing education and mortgage training As someone who’s been in the mortgage and real estate training industry for over a decade, I can assure you the answer is always: It depends.  That’s right.  It depends on a range of factors (I’ll cover those in an upcoming post) but cutting a long story short; an online 8-hour CE Class has its perks and benefits. 

The Unmistakable Advantages of an Online 8-Hour Continuing Education Class

1. An Online Continuing Education Class Comes with Convenience

The biggest advantage of an online 8-hour CA-DBO SAFE Comprehensive course is CONVENIENCE.

You can take the course AND the exam from the comfort of your home and right from your laptop. 

All you need to do is block a day on your calendar, stock up on coffee and park yourself in your chair till you’re done! 

2. Training Online is Perfect for MLOs Who Benefit from Self-Study

If your study personality leans towards self-paced study and you have the added advantage of being in a distraction-free environment, opt for an online course. Not everyone enjoys being in a live classroom setting and honestly, that’s okay.

If you study best on your own, choose an online course that gives you the flexibility and convenience while aligning well with your study style too.

3. Take an Online Continuing Education Class if Travel Isn’t an Option

Sometimes, traveling to a live classroom CE class isn’t possible.

Maybe you have a demanding day job, maybe you don’t have the funds for a flight, or maybe your life season requires you to stay close to home. 

Whatever be the reason, if you can’t travel for a live CE class, choose an online class that gives you the same course content with zero travel involved. 

4. Online Classes Are Perfect for Tech-Savvy MLOs

If you’re a tech-savvy MLO who has high-speed internet and a laptop that wouldn’t crash midway, then choose an online class.  If you opt for an online class; you’ll need the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer on your laptop.  You also need to be familiar with how the online training portals work and be comfortable navigating through them. 

5. Online Continuing Education Classes are Great if You Choose the Right Institute

Finally and most importantly, an online 8-hour CE class is perfect for you if you choose the right institute. 

Yes, there are a lot of institutes offering an online program for both pre-licensing and continuing education but the sad reality is that most of them chuck a ton of info at you with no logical structure or built-in interactivity. 

You must choose an institute (like ours!) that offers an online 8-hour Continuing Education class that is structured for optimal learning and is backed by solid student testimonials and success stories. 

Here’s a nifty checklist to ensure that you’re signing up for the right training institute for your CE class: 

► Updated course content: Do they share the course content with you before you sign up? For instance, at Affinity, we are more than happy to share with you the course content to you even before you sign up. 

Easy-to-access information: Can you get information about signing up and payment details easily enough on their website? Or do they make you jump through a billion hoops? 

► Engaging and experienced instructors: Do they share details about who will be your instructor for the online course?

Can you check their credentials? Since this is an online course, you’ll listen to their voice for a long time… so you may want to see how engaging and dynamic they are. 

► Rock-solid credentials and customer reviews:  Is it easy for you to find their success stories and expertise in the mortgage and real estate training industry?

Does their website inspire trust or does it scream unprofessionalism from the virtual rooftops? 

► Student-friendly terms and conditions: Are their terms and conditions supportive and non-threatening?

For instance, can you cancel and get a refund easily enough? At Affinity, you can cancel and get a refund 48 hours prior to the start of the course because we know that life can sometimes throw a curveball and you can’t do much about it. 

Ready to sign up for your ONLINE 8-Hour Continuing Education class and give your mortgage training a renewed burst of clarity and confidence?