You don’t have $110 to burn on the NMLS SAFE test, right?


Then… why would you take the NMLS SAFE test without preparing for it the right way? 😉 

And don’t let the fact that you’re ‘smart’ stop you from preparing for the exam.

In fact, in my extensive career in real estate and mortgage training, I’ve come across individuals that have PhDs, Master’s degrees, and even years of experience as a Real Estate Brokers – who have all failed the exam on their first attempt.



What happens if you fail the NMLS Safe exam?

If an individual fails the test, they have to wait 30 days before being eligible to retake the exam.


If they fail three times, the waiting period is six months!


And of course, there’s the $110 burn as well 😉

But there’s still hope!

The exam is very difficult, but with proper training and preparation it is doable. And It’s not uncommon for many real estate agents to fail the NMLS SAFE test.

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It’s all about proper training and preparation, and we’re here to help!

Questions about the NMLS SAFE test? Ask me!!


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