The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best California Real Estate License School for Your Pre-Licensing Course

Choosing a California real estate license school isn’t the easiest thing in the world. 

Just look up “California real estate license school” on Google and you’ll have over 3 million results to wade through. Yikes! 

When you add to this the fact that the school you join plays a HUGE role in how you do with the exam, the pressure just triples! 

After all, the license school is responsible for giving you the most updated and easy-to-understand pre-licensing course material so you can ace the State Exam for your salesperson license. 

To get your salesperson license, you need to take THREE 45-hour courses, approved by the CalDRE and then take a 150-question exam that you need to pass with 70%. Talk about pressure! 

That is why we’ve put together this ultimate guide-style post to help you understand how to choose the best school for your pre-licensing course. 

Before we get to the must-know points when choosing your school, do remember to grab your FREE step-by-step guide to getting your California real estate license. It’s packed with all the steps you need to take for your salesperson and broker license as well as Exam Rules and Study Tips too!

PLUS… you get access to our exclusive real estate professionals student community as well! 

How to Choose the Best California Real Estate License School for Your Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course

Choosing a real estate license school isn’t just about finding who’s number one on Google. It’s about digging deeper and doing your research because there’s a lot at stake here. Remember, we’re talking about your career. 

So, review this post entirely and if you have any questions, please email us at 

Before you take the plunge, you need to check if your school of choice offers you: 

1. Updated, Comprehensive, Yet Easy-to-Understand Curriculum

The first thing you want to check with the school is if their study material is updated, easy-to-use and easier-to-understand.

Remember, you have to take 135 hours of courses. 

Boring, outdated material will leave you grossly underprepared and seriously overwhelmed. You don’t want that! 

At Affinity, you can check our course curriculum on the info page right here or email us for additional details. 

2. Online and In-Person Options

Does your school offer a LIVE class and an online option? Or is it only in-person? Or only online? 

Why do you need both options? 

Because we all have different learning styles and scheduling needs. 

If you’re working multiple jobs and have no time in the evenings, you need an online pre-licensing course. 

If you have the flexibility to attend a LIVE in-person class, you might need the option to “catch up” online if you miss a day. 

At Affinity, we offer a unique “hybrid” LIVE class which gives you ONLINE access for a session if you happen to miss a day. In addition, we have both live class exercises as well as online exercises too. 

You can also choose to take an ONLY ONLINE version of the pre-licensing course which gives you 24/7 access and is totally self-paced. 

3. A Vibrant Student Community

Does your real estate licensing school come with a vibrant and dynamic student community so you can bump brains to discuss learning ideas, exam prep strategies and maybe even, job openings? 

Yes, at Affinity, we give you access to a community of real estate professionals and should you decide to become a Mortgage Loan Originator, you can join our community for MLOs as well! 

The main reason we can do this is that we have a solid history of success as our Wall of Proof shows.

The other is that our students LOVE being a part of our community, even after they’ve passed their exam. This speaks volumes.   

4. Access to Your Instructors

The next important item you need to check with your real estate school is whether they give you direct access to your instructors so you can ask questions, clarify doubts and get the best support you need. 

It will be good to check if the instructors are licensed, real estate professionals. They’ll have a load of experience and can share real-world scenarios with you.

At Affinity, our lead instructor Artricia Woods is an award-winning broker and is hands-on in the student community as well. 

5. Advance Study Options

Finally, and most importantly, your pre-licensing course is the first step. But what if you need more? What if you’d like to leave no stone unturned in preparing for the crucial State Exam? You need a Crash Course or a Prep Course that’s more in-depth, exhaustive and arms you with additional study resources so you’re 100% confident about acing that exam. 

Luckily, for you, at Affinity, we give you a souped-up Prep Course, complete with flash cards, additional quizzes and more to squash any lingering doubts or butterflies in your belly! 

That’s it, my friends. 

There, now you know what to look for when choosing your California real estate license school to take a pre-licensing course that’ll give you everything you need!  

Here’s a handy reference of links if you want to join us at Affinity for our LIVE pre-licensing class or take the online version: 

LIVE pre-licensing class: Held at our Bellflower office over 8 weeks and is a hybrid course that gives you an online review of the session if you miss a day. In addition, you have both in-class exercises and online exercises as well. 

ONLINE pre-licensing class: Take this from the comfort of your well-worn couch and have 24/7 access so you can self-pace your study schedule. PLUS, you get access to our student community so you have that “classroom” vibe as well!

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