Failure SUCKS. 

Yes, that is the harsh but honest truth. 

You don’t want to come home and tell your kids you failed, you don’t want to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and see a failure staring back at you… And you don’t want to sit amongst your successful friends and mumble about not being able to pass your NMLS exam. But honestly… what can YOU do? 

You’re working back-breaking hours at your full-time job. 

You’ve got family responsibilities to take care of. 

You’re on a tight budget and joining expensive, in-person classes that require flying to a different state, and sometimes it’s just not possible. 

So, how on earth can you prep for your NMLS exam AND pass it successfully the first time? 

Check out our guide with 12 tips to pass your NMLS exam!

Now, you may have heard about online classes to help you prepare for the NMLS exam. And you may even have considered signing up for one of them, because:

  1. Online classes are easy-to-attend.
  2. You can make time for them when YOU have the time
  3. You study at your own pace.
  4. They aren’t NEARLY as expensive!

However, not all online classes are created equal.

In fact, most online classes can be quite a letdown.  You don’t get enough personal attention, so you don’t know if you’re on the right track with your prep. Rarely do you get to even ask questions. You find it difficult to stay motivated and on course.

Most importantly, some courses aren’t as updated as they should be (the rules, regulations, and guidelines for the NMLS change often and it is important that the course material is updated with it.)

So, now that you know that’s the downside of taking an online prep course…what’s your option? 

An online prep course that ticks ALL the boxes. 

1) You get the most updated material so, you’re always on track with your learning and don’t get caught unawares when you take the exam. Created by us here at Affinity, this course is comprehensive AND updated just like our LIVE classes and boot camp are. 

2) You get direct access to the instructor so you can ask questions and stay focused. Yes, you are part of a private Facebook group where I, personally, interact with students and answer questions, etc. every day. 

3) You are motivated to finish your learning and take the course because you’re surrounded by fellow students, just like you. Because you’re part of the Facebook group, you get a virtual classroom-feel that keeps you fired up and encouraged. 

ALL this along with the already-attractive benefits of an online class – you study at your own pace AND from the comfort of your home! 

Yes… if you’re committed to acing your NMLS exam even if you have no real estate or mortgage experience, I invite you to check out The MLO Training Academy and get instant access to our online prep course today! 

Ready to go straight to being a SUCCESS? Click below to join us now! 

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