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"I Passed!"

Ready to Say these Two Words After Taking the NMLS Exam?
Even if you have NO real estate experience?
Even if you have NO time to spend on studying for the exam?
Even if you’re taking the exam for the FIRST time ever?
You’re in the right place!


Take the LIVE 20-hour NMLS Pre-Licensing Course to Help You Ace Your MLO Exam On Your First Attempt – Without Spending a Week in a Classroom!! (Sshh! In fact, We Just Take 2 Days!) Even If You Have No Real Estate or Mortgage Experience!!


The one word that can crush the confidence of a grown man or woman like an empty soda can in a matter of seconds.

The one word that can create a chasm-like gap between the ones who’ve made it and the ones who haven’t.

The one word that can cause migraines, ulcers and broken relationships like nothing else.

Yes, failure is fatal.

Not just for your dreams and hopes, but also for your confidence, your peace-of-mind and your sense of self-worth.

…how do YOU keep failure at bay when you’re taking an exam that has a miserable 67% pass rate?

How do you ensure that you aren’t in the almost 40% students who end up – FAILING?

The truth is…the NMLS exam isn’t for wimps.

You have to pass this exam with a score of 75% or more. If you have to wait 30 days before you eligible to retake it again…. if you fail a 3rd time… the NMLS makes you wait six months before you an retake it!!



…how do YOU keep failure at bay when you’re taking an exam that has a miserable less than 60% pass rate?

How do you ensure that you aren’t in the almost 40% of students who end up – FAILING?

The truth is…the NMLS exam isn’t for wimps.

You have to pass this exam with a score of 75% or better. If you have to wait 30 days before you’re eligible to retake it again…. if you fail a 3rd time… the NMLS makes you wait six months before you can retake it!!

It’s an exam that costs money ($110.00) each time you take it!!

Yes, it’s a tough exam designed to only let the most qualified candidates become Mortgage Loan Originators.


More money: The average salary of an MLO ranges from $68,000 to $214,000 {source:}

More clients: If you’re a real estate professional, being able to assist your clients with their mortgage means you’ll get a bigger slice of the pie!

More respect: Passing an exam as tough as the NMLS means you’re in the select group of 60% people who make it!

More fun: Let’s face it… when you’re in a job you enjoy and are being paid good money, you will have more fun.

You’ll finally be able to do the things you’ve only been dreaming about – holidaying in Hawaii or surprising the family with an all-frills-included Disney vacation!

NO, you can’t afford to fail and yet people do.

Wanna know why 40% of people fail

the Nmls exam?

There are 3 little-known yet un-ignorable reasons why this tough exam has such a high failure rate. I’ve seen these 3 reasons come up over-and-over again over the last 15 years:

REASON #1: inadequate preparation

That’s right. Most students aren’t prepared for the complex questions and the intricate relationships between different rules and regulations. They take any online class available and try to cram answers to questions without understanding concepts.

It’s not enough to just memorize “questions and answer”! You must understand “why” the answer “is” the answer and how the different rules and regulations interact with one another.


The rules and regulations for the real estate and mortgage industry change regularly and often. Waiting too long to take the test or studying sporadically and hoping you’ll pass is a surefire recipe for failure.

The NMLS recently published an “updated” Test Content Outline (most students aren’t even aware of this!! It discusses recent changes, including TRID, Qualified Mortgages, Ability-to-Repay (ATR) rules, and much more…

REASON #3: taking the wrong pre-licensing class

This is THE most fatal mistake students can make.

Taking the wrong “TYPE” of pre-licensing class means that you can end up in a class that doesn’t cater to your learning style, doesn’t give you access to the instructor or worse, doesn’t prepare you adequately for the exam!

Most students choose the cheapest option or they opt for an “online” course (which generally means he or she will be basically “teaching themselves” the core content.

We find that students learn better in a “LIVE” classroom with an actual instructor in the class to interact with and ask questions …. again… nearly 40% of those that attempt the exam… fail the 1st time!!

There you go.  

Three (3) success-crushing reasons why your chances of becoming an MLO can melt away like a snowflake in the sun!

Soo… how can you steer clear of these situations and ace your MLO exam (especially if you have NO real estate or mortgage experience) and NO time to take a week-long 4-5 hour class?

Here’s How:

Flip Failure On Its Head with the “LIVE” 20-Hour NMLS Pre-Licensing Course


Our LIVE 20hr NMLS Course…

Introducing the best-in-class LIVE course to help you prepare for the MLO exam and satisfy the NMLS licensing requirements.

Held in small groups of 25-30 students, this “LIVE” class is the only one that stands out in a handful of live classes available in Southern California.

Tailored to be insanely comprehensive and yet easy-to-digest, these classes are held in a 2-day BOOTCAMP over the weekend or 2 consecutive weekdays, so you don’t have to take a week away from work or family!

With direct access to an instructor over the 2 days, you’ll get the answers to all your questions and be able to master the fry-your-brain-cells concepts that come up in the NMLS exam!

Does this course work for me in my state? 

 Each state requires a minimum of 20 Hours of NMLS approved pre-license education, with some states requiring additional elective hours. This course will work in any state for the comprehensive education requirement however your state may require additional or specific hours that must also be completed. For a updated state-specific education chart as of December 2019 use the link provided to find out if your state has specific requirements outside of the 20 Hour SAFE Course.(NMLS Education Quick Link WEBSITE) 

The minimum pre-license education for new mortgage loan originators is outlined in the SAFE Act as follows:

3 hours of federal laws and regulations 

3 hours of ethics and fraud 

2 hours of lending standards related to non-traditional mortgage products

12 hours of undefined instruction on mortgage origination 

here’s what you’ll get:

There are 3 little-known yet un-ignorable reasons why this tough exam has such a high failure rate. I’ve seen these 3 reasons come up over-and-over again over the last 15 years:

✔️  3 hours of Federal Lending Legislation: You’ll master federal-related mortgage laws and regulations including Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA Regulation X), Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA Regulation B), Truth-in-Lending Act (TILARegulation Z) and so many more so you understand these concepts and not just what they stand for!

✔️  3 hours of Ethics: In this session, you’ll understand the ethical behavior related to MLOs including fairness in lending, fraud detection and more!

✔️  2 hours of Non-traditional Mortgage Products: You’ll understand everything there is to know about non-traditional mortgage products.

✔️  10 hours of elective topics on key concepts including: federal regulations, privacy protection, consumer ID, and predatory lending protection laws, government loan programs, the SAFE Act, and financial calculations.

✔️  2 hours of California-specific material designed to cover the CA-DBO regulations.

Plus … there are boost-your-success bonuses!

45-minute Skill Booster Video (Review of important terms)

Each student will receive a 45-minute video/audio recording of the most important points and facts to remember in order to pass the NMLS National Exam.

Two Practice Exams with 100 Questions/Answers/Explanations

Get real-world practice for the NMLS exam with these sample tests so you not only understand the test outline but also get to assess your own preparation and fine tune it!

Complete powerpoint slides

You’ll get complete access to the slides used during the course.  These will help you review and revise the material from the comfort of your home and if you need to brush up on concepts right before the exam!

Affinity Safe Act Training Manual (PDF Version)

You’ll get a copy of the Affinity Safe Act Training Manual

The “Successful Student Study Guide” (PDF Resource Guide)

You’ll get a copy of the “Successful Student Study Guide”.

The 12 TIPS to Passing the NMLS [PDF Resource Guide]

You’ll get a copy of the 12 TIPS to Passing the NMLS guide.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an NMLS License [PDF Resource Guide]

You’ll get a copy of the Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an NMLS License.

your investment?

Way too little for the value that you’re getting!


ONLY $435.00

“I took the 20 hour live class and it allowed me to get 80% on the exam. Great class to prep you for the exam!

The audio review that she provides after the live class has the most help because it allows you to go back on the material you may have missed while you’re in class. Artricia’s team focuses on helping you pass the exam. I highly recommend this organization for your NMLS exam!”

Benjie D.

Los Angeles, CA

“I went to Yelp to find out who was the best in NMLS training and saw consistent 5 stars with Artricia and Affinity. After taking her 20 hour pre-licensing and NMLS crash course, I understand why. Artricia is passionate about wanting you to pass on your first attempt.

I registered for the NMLS years ago, but the phone book I received to study from discouraged me from studying.

With Artricia, I went to class studied a very small concise booklet, took notes and listened to her provided audio guides in the car. I am happy to say that I passed with a 91% on my first attempt. I am an old school loan officer from the glory days.

This is the first exam I have had to take in over 20 years.

I went in confident and came out of the test relieved. No you can’t have my notes, sign up for the class and let Artricia and Shirley guide you through the material that is important to know to pass the test. I will definitely recommend their live class to anyone that needs to pass the NMLS exam. Thank you Affinity!”

John D.

Laguna Niguel, CA

Artricia’s Exam Prep class is superb! I’d taken the test before and didn’t pass. I tried other online test prep courses with no success. I finally decided I needed the benefit of a LIVE class; which in fact, is rare to come by. I found Artricia’s class and jumped at the opportunity!

After taking her class, not only did I pass, but I learned so much from her class. If you are serious about a career as an MLO, invest into this class. You WILL NOT regret it. If you study all of the material she provides, you will pass with flying colors!”

Hameedah T.

North Hollywood, CA

“I PASSED!!!!!!

Hi Artricia!

I want to share the great news that I passed my exam yesterday!! I took your Crash Course, June 17th and my exam date was June 26. Your live Crash Course and all the extra study material you provide ARE extremely helpful. I would recommend anyone to attend your class before taking this test. It sure would of saved me $110 the first time! LOL!

Overall, l want to thank you for all your incredible input and also being available through email whenever I had any questions.

Thank you again!”

Corin R.

Beverly Hills, CA

Who’s Your Guide to NMLS Exam Success?

I’m Artricia Woods,

creator of the MLO Training Academy and director of training and senior instructor at Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Training.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Business Management and with over 15 years of experience as a real estate broker and mortgage expert, I have a fiery passion for empowering fellow professionals to maximize their earnings by gaining the credibility and qualifications needed.

An award-winning mortgage expert, broker, and speaker, I specialize in customer service, mortgage origination, training, and consulting, ensuring that professionals and businesses get the best education when it comes to real estate and mortgage rules and regulations!

When I’m not teaching at the MLO Training Academy, I’m speaking on NMLS pre-licensing, prep and continuing education all over the country… or snuggling with my sweet grandson!!

More from Our Students:

picture this

It’s exam day.

You walk into the hall with your heart hammering against your chest but you have a calm exterior and sweat-free confidence oozing from every pore.

You sit down and start the 125-question exam.

The computer-generated, multiple-choice questions exam doesn’t faze you.

Your palms aren’t sweaty as you click on the correct answers and you comfortably breeze through the exam because you KNOW everything. As soon as the exam is over… you get your results and…


You are now, officially, a Mortgage Loan Originator and your future is definitely brighter and better.

Are YOU ready to turn this picture into reality?

why this 20-hour live ‘bootcamp’ Beats failure to a fine pulp

This one-of-a-kind 20-hour LIVE Bootcamp leaves every other ‘live’ class in the dust and crushes the reasons for failure to a fine pulp because:

1. It is designed to give the most comprehensive real estate and mortgage education to students in a span of 20 hours spread over 2 consecutive days so you waste no time and don’t need to take a break from your day job or stay away from your family.

2. With small group sizes of a maximum of 25-30 students, you are sure to get personal, 1:1 attention, so you can get answers to all your questions without having to power up Google!

3. Unlike other classes, we prepare you for scenario-based questions and situational concepts and theory so you don’t get stressed when a question that you may not have practiced for comes up in the exam.

4. With a pass percentage of 92% and over 127, 5-star reviews on Yelp, we have a solid standing as one of the best training institutes in the area and that’s a claim not many can make!

GOT Q’s? I GOT A’s!

1. Do I have to take the NMLS exam if I want to become a Mortgage Loan Originator?

Yes. This is a state-required exam and you need to pass it with a minimum score of 75%.


2. What if fail the exam? Can I take it again?

Yes you can BUT you must wait 30 days after each of your three attempts, after that, you have to wait 6 months to try again…. do you really want to risk that? More importantly, taking a 20-hr pre-licensing course is a prerequisite for taking the exam! So, you need to take this course in order to take the exam!


3. How much time will I need to spend on studying?

The Bootcamp is a 20-hr course divided into 10 hours a day for 2 consecutive days. In addition, we recommend you review and study your course materials for 15-20 hours before taking the exam.

4. Will I need additional study material after this live class?

While you will have ALL the info you need to succeed, we believe in preparing you completely. At the class, you’ll have the option of buying a pack of 375 Flash Cards along with an advance study manual with over 600 things students MUST KNOW to pass the NMLS Exam. However, this is strictly optional and for you if you want to dive deeper into mastering any of the concepts that may be confusing you. Similarly, we do encourage you to take the Exam Prep Crash Course, either LIVE in-person or Online.


5. Can you help me if I’ve already taken a 20-hour pre-licensing class from someone else and haven’t found it useful?

Yes, we can! We’d, however, recommend then that you take our Exam Prep Crash Course.


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What is Affirm?

Affirm is a consumer-friendly financing option so you can buy now and pay later with NO hidden fees.

These payment plan options are offered through Affirm and not Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Training Services.

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