If there is ONE NMLS video I’d love for you to watch when you prepare for the Mortgage Loan Originator exam… it’s THIS one.


#1: It’s reached over 204,000 people who want to take the NMLS exam.
#2: It shows you exactly what you need to lookout for when taking the NMLS exam.
#3: It gives you a sneak peek inside our paid training. YESSS!!

You gonna love the class! We actually “teach” you the info – as opposed to other classes where all you do is “read and click next ….. read another page … and click next “.I’m excited for you!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-991-6097 Ext 2 or email me at artricia@affinityreservices.com or visit our website at www.mlotrainingacademy.com.