Find the Best NMLS Approved Course Providers for Your Online Pre-Licensing Course with this Handy Checklist

There are hundreds of NMLS approved course providers out there so when you start scouring Google search results looking for an online pre-licensing class, you end up hugely confused and nowhere close to making a decision. 

Until now. 


In my last post, I’d shared the 5 warning signs or red flags you need to watch out for when taking an online NMLS pre-licensing course and today, I’m going to dive deeper and share with you how you can find an NMLS approved course provider who’ll be just as invested in your success as you are. 

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Let’s dive in without further ado! 

The 5-Point Checklist For Finding the Best NMLS Course Providers for Online Courses

1. Check their Course Provider Number

The first step when you find a course provider is to check whether or not they’re approved by the NMLS.

Yes, you don’t want to take a course from someone who lacks this criteria.

Luckily for you, it’s super easy to do this. Click here and you’ll have a handy list of NMLS approved course providers along with their contact details and the kind of classes they offer. 

2. Look for Reviews on Yelp and/or Facebook

Next, once you’ve shortlisted your course providers, check out their websites and see if they link to their Facebook page or do a search for them on Yelp to find student reviews and testimonials. 

Another quick way to find student reviews is to do a Google search with the name of the institute and then add “+testimonials”. See example below.

You can see that Affinity has a 5-star rating on Yelp with 100 reviews and a 4.9-star rating on Facebook with 141 votes. Now you can click through and read those in more detail. Easy!

The important thing to check with reviews is whether or not they include student name, photo and details. For instance, a single statement with no student name or photo cannot be passed off as a credible testimonial.  That’s why we display our student success stories, loud and proud! 

3. Assess Yourself with Chapter Quizzes

Unlike other books that pile on the knowledge and leave you feeling even more overwhelmed by the time you finish reading, my Mortgage Loan Originator SAFE Act Training Manual will help you assess how you’re doing with nifty quizzes at the end of every chapter.  Yes, I’ve included answer keys as well!  😉 So, you’ll know exactly how much you’re mastering and what you need to continue to work on. 

4. Do They Offer Free Previews or Money-Back Guarantees

If it all looks good, then, read the fine print to see if they offer any kind of guarantees to back up the claims they’re making.

It can be a 5-day trial period or a 100% money-back guarantee.

If neither, then, check if they allow you to get a free preview of the study material so you can assess it for yourself and make an informed decision. 

Yes, we at Affinity do offer FREE previews for our online courses.

Click here to get a sneak peek at our 20-hour online pre-licensing course. 

Click here to enjoy a taste of our online NMLS crash course. 

5. Are they Responsive to Your Emails

Finally, if you have additional or follow up questions, email them and then see how responsive they are to your emails.

Based on my earlier warning signs post, here are some questions you can ask them: 

  • Do they have student success stories and if yes, can they share testimonies with details? 
  • Do they offer free previews? 
  • Who is the course instructor and do they offer any direct access to ask follow up questions 
  • Do they offer any kind of student community for you to be a part of? 
  • How often is the study material updated? 


Yes, making a decision about an online course provider for your NMLS pre-licensing class can be tough but it sure is doable once you have this handy checklist with you.

So, bookmark this post and come back to it when you’re doing those Google searches or simply, cut through the confusion and join us here at Affinity’s MLO Training Academy! *wink, wink* 

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