“20hr NMLS SAFE PreLicensing Bootcamp”

Aspiring mortgage loan originators can now attend our NMLS Prelicensing Bootcamp, a live 3-day webinar –without stepping outside their home!

A live 3-day webinar.

Getting your mandatory pre-licensing training has never been easier. Or better!

Do you worry about how you’ll ace the tough-to-pass NMLS SAFE exam especially if you have NO real estate or mortgage background?

Do you wonder how you can attend LIVE classroom training for your mandatory pre-licensing education without taking valuable time off from work or traveling to a different city?

Worry, no more!

Introducing … the 20-hour pre-licensing course via LIVE webinar.

We, at Affinity Real Estate Education and Training, believe in going the “extraordinary” mile for the success of our students. 

This is why we are THRILLED to share that now YOU can get the same training we share, in our LIVE classroom settings, from the comfort of your home. #stayhome

Affinity: The Single-Stop NMLS Pre-Licensing School for Serious Professionals

 You don’t have to let anything stand in the way of getting your MLO license this year. 

Through this live webinar-based training, we’ll teach you in an online classroom setting. So, you can ask questions, take part in discussions, AND get the same training material AND bonuses

JUST like our live workshop students do.

So what’s included in this crash course?

Here’s what you’ll master over the course of 3 days: 

 3 hours of Federal Lending Legislation – You’ll master federal-related mortgage laws and regulations including Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and more so you understand these concepts and not just what they stand for!

3 hours of Ethics – In this session, you’ll understand the ethical behavior related to MLOs including fairness in lending, fraud detection and more!

2 hours of Non-traditional Mortgage Products – You’ll understand everything there is to know about nontraditional mortgage products.

12 hours of elective topics on key concepts including federal regulations, privacy protection, consumer ID, and predatory lending protection laws, government loan programs, the SAFE Act, and financial calculations.

2 hours of California-specific material designed to cover the DBO regulations. (if needed)

Your Big Bag O’ BONUSES!

Flex those confidence muscles and leave nothing to chance with these must-haves!


BONUS 1: 45-Minute Success-Booster Video/Audio Recording (Value: $125)

You will get a 45-minute video/audio recording of the most important points and facts to remember in order to pass the NMLS National Exam.


BONUS 2: 15 Practice Tests for the NMLS (Value: $199.99)

Get real-world practice for the NMLS exam with these sample tests so you not only understand the test outline but also get to assess your own preparation and fine-tune it!

BONUS 3: Complete PowerPoint Slides (Value: $75)

You’ll get complete access to the 500+ slides used during the webinars to help you review and revise the material at your own pace, and if you need to brush up on concepts right before the exam!


BONUS 4: Affinity SAFE Act Textbook and Student Workbook (Value: $125)

You’ll get a copy of the Affinity Safe Act textbook and the student workbook to help you study and prepare for your NMLS exam.

Ready to say, “I passed the test on my first attempt!” like these legends?!

Who Am I ? Why Do I Believe You Need to Get Your MLO License NOW?


Hi! I’m Artricia Woods. I’m the lead trainer at Affinity Real Estate Education and have been teaching thousands of students how to have a successful career in real estate and mortgage loan origination.

My passion is working with committed, dedicated students who put in the work and make FULL use of the learning material we share with them.



I’ve never attended a webinar before. Will I need to buy special equipment for this?

So, here’s the best part. Attending a webinar is not only easy but also super fun! All you need is a high-speed internet connection and your desktop or laptop computer. That’s it! NMLS does NOT approve taking courses on mobile devices.

Do I need a pre-licensing class? Can’t I just watch Artricia’s YouTube videos?

So, a 20-hour pre-licensing class is mandatory if you want to take the NMLS SAFE exam.

You can definitely find additional resources on our YouTube channel and blog but if you want to take the exam and get your MLO license, you need to take this 20-hour pre-licensing class.

I’ve heard that every state has specific requirements. Will this pre-licensing class be valid for my state?

That’s right. Some states have specific requirements.

You can check out your state’s specific requirements right here on the NMLS website.
If you’re from California, we include 2 hours of California-specific material.

Will I need more training after the 20-hour pre-licensing webinar class?

While many of our students have succeeded simply with our pre-licensing class, if you’re preparing for the exam for the first time OR if you have no real estate experience, we recommend you dive deeper into must-know MLO concepts with our Flash Cards and Manual or the Online Prep Masterclass.

Will I be able to ask the instructors questions during the webinar pre-licensing class?

YES! Not only will you be able to ask questions during the Q and A time, but you’ll also get access to Artricia in our NMLS Students Facebook community so you can continue to learn and practice even after the class is over!

How long will the webinar class be? How much time do I need for this?

The webinar class will be for FIVE days and FOUR hours each day so you get a full 20-hours to meet the strict NMLS guidelines.

We also recommend you review your study materials for another 15-20 hours before your exam.

I took my pre-licensing with another provider and don’t feel prepared. Can you help me?

Sorry to hear that! In this case, we’d recommend you sign up for our Online Exam Prep Masterclass that offers both Basic and Mastery levels to help you nail everything you need to know to ace your exam.

What if I don't like the course after I sign up?

We’d hate for that to happen and that is why you get a FREE trial of our online course so you can try before you buy!

You can preview the online course to review the content, style, etc. before purchasing.

To do this simply click here to watch an Intro video of our first lesson to get an idea of how the classes are structured and led and then, make your decision!

With a single click, you can set up your recession-proof

career and get ready for some serious success


You’ve tried making it the hard way, my friend and now it’s time for you to flip the script and start seeing success backed by an industry that has withstood multiple recessions and always bounced back. 

It’s time for you to stop settling for sub-par training that hasn’t been updated since the dinosaur age or is delivered like something the cat dragged in – dead, lifeless and really disgusting! 

It’s time for you to experience the clear-headed, career-building confidence that’s been a unicorn-ian myth for you so far.

With a single click, you will stake your claim on:


Student-tested, best-in-class NMLS pre-licensing training streamed straight to your laptop screen so you can get your license even while #socialdistancing.

Enviable bonus materials made exclusively to ensure you have complete confidence when taking the NMLS SAFE exam.

Access to an engaged and dynamic community of fellow professionals and Affinity instructors so you can continue to study, focus and get those “I passed!” results!

A recession-proof career designed to give you the financial peace-of-mind and security your family and you deserve.

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