Gearing up for the real estate exam California? Prep the smart way with this nifty checklist on how to choose the best crash course and give your prep the added edge, right now. 

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Real Estate Exam California: Prep Strategies for Future Brokers and Salespersons

The California real estate exam is no joke. 

You need to pass it with a 70% if you’re a salesperson and 75% if you’re a broker. 

That alone is a reason for you to sign up for a power-packed 1-Day Prep Course, like the one Affinity offers. 

However, if you’re on the fence about joining a prep crash course, here’s what I want you to know… 

Your pre-licensing course is MANDATORY

However, it may often leave you with lingering doubts and unanswered questions. 

A prep course, while optional,  is perfect if you don’t want to take any chances with the State Exam and want to be absolutely prepared when you enter the exam hall. 

It is also a must-attend if you’ve taken a pre-licensing course from a school that didn’t give you enough instructor access or updated course content. 

However, not all prep crash courses are created equal. 

That is why this post will help you prep for the CalDRE exam the smart way with a nifty checklist and a Rolodex of FREE resources to go through. 

How to Choose the Best California Real Estate Exam Prep Course – A 3-Step Checklist

Step 1: Do your research by:

checking out Yelp for student reviews. 

asking real estate professionals which school did they choose. 

asking students in communities like this one and this one. 

Note I didn’t say Google it.

Because that would only leave you with a bunch of results with no way to verify if they’re any good. 

Step 2: Consider the course content

Do the schools of your choice share the course curriculum for the crash course?

Are they willing to get on the phone with you and answer your questions?

At Affinity, you can see our course content right here on the info page and we welcome your emails and phone calls! 

Step 3: How long is the prep course

Once you know the school is credible and the course content is comprehensive without being overwhelming, you need to find out how long is the crash course for. 

The fact is you’ve already spent 135 hours studying for the State Exam. You don’t want another 5-day or 7-day course to go through. What you need is condensed, clutter-free, razor-sharp learning. 

At Affinity, our Crash Course is 1-day long and gives you everything you need to master with none of the fluff and filler content. 

Now that you know how to choose the best prep course for your California State Exam, let’s arm you with more robust resources to give you the winning edge:

FREE Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your California Real Estate License

FREE Study Guide to Prepare for the CalDRE Exam 

California Real Estate License Requirements: Everything You Need to Know to Obtain Your Salesperson License

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best California Real Estate License School for Your Pre-Licensing Course 

How to Pass the California Real Estate Exam: Success Secrets to Help You Become a Salesperson or Broker 

There you go! 

Bookmark this post so you can visit it and go through the resources as you continue your prep for the real estate exam in California. 

We’ll continue to update it with additional freebies and must-know tips as well. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 800-991-6097 Ext 2 or email me at or visit our website at

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