This is an online prep courses to prepare students to take the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test – National Component with Uniform State Test. Our online course includes over 10 hours of online content with 30 instructional videos and 15 practice exams modeled after the content of the NMLS Exam.

Purchase of this Exam Prep Mastery Course requires your unique NMLS number and is intended for use solely by the individual attached to the NMLS identification number. Sharing of this course content, materials, and course-specific information is in direct violation of our Terms of Use. By purchasing this course you agree to abide by all terms including but not limited to maintaining the integrity of course access. Violation of these terms, to include sharing course access or otherwise disseminating course materials, can result in termination of your access to the course by Affinity.


What is an NMLS Number and Who Needs One?

What is an NMLS Number and Who Needs One?

Whether you’re aspiring to be a mortgage loan originator or studying to become one, chances are you’re curious about your NMLS number and have wondered, “Who needs an NMLS number and why is it so important.?” Let’s first understand - WHAT is the NMLS? And then, we can...