When you’re reviewing the different options available for your 8-hour continuing education class, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. 

“Do I choose an online one or a live, classroom one?” 

You can’t imagine the number of times we get MLOs calling and emailing us with this question. 

It is a challenge, indeed.  

How can you decide? 

This post will help you do that. 

But before we do… here are a series of posts for you to understand everything there is about the NMLS Continuing Education requirements so you can make a fully informed choice. 

Okay so let’s dive into helping you figure out whether you should opt for an online class or choose a classroom-style LIVE class. 

The following 5 factors determine your choice for an online or in-person CE class. 

1. Your Study Style

Do you study best on your own? Do you enjoy creating your study plan and then sticking to it? If yes, then you’ll benefit the most from an online class.  However, if you enjoy the energy and dynamics of a classroom setting and dislike being in front of a laptop for an extended period of time, then you need a LIVE classroom CE class

2. Your Environment

The next thing to consider is your environment.

Do you have a distraction-free environment so you can focus for 8 hours on the study material and the following exam? 

If yes, then you can safely opt for the online version for the continuing education program. 

On the other hand, if you wouldn’t be able to shut the door on distractions, then we highly recommend you choose a classroom-style CE class so you can learn without any interruptions. 

4. Your Tech Quotient

Let’s talk about tech savviness. Taking an online class is great if you’re comfortable with your laptop, can navigate the online training portal and can take your test online too.  You will need a high-speed Internet connection and a laptop with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  You cannot take the course or the exam on your tablet, phone or other mobile devices.  Should you not be comfortable with the tech aspect of an online course, opt for a LIVE class instead. Simple. 

3. Your Schedule and Time Availability

Do you have the time to travel to an in-person class and then spend 8-hours at a stretch over there?

If not, then you need an online class. 

If travel isn’t a problem and you can take time off from either work or life commitments to spend a full day or maybe more (depending on where you’re traveling from) then, a live class will be best for you.

5. Your Personality and Personal Preferences

Besides all of the above factors, you also need to take into account what you prefer and enjoy more.  This will be an 8-hour class with an exam that requires a minimum 70% score to pass so you want to choose a class that aligns best with your personal preferences and personality.   Are you an introvert who doesn’t take to large groups of people easily and quickly? Choose an online class.  Are you an extrovert who thrives on the energy of other people? Go for a live class.  Are you comfortable with following your instructor by “hearing” them rather than “seeing” them?  An online class is great for you.  Do you prefer “seeing” your instructor in action in order to learn best? You’ll love our LIVE classes.  That’s it.  There you have it.  Depending on the answers to your questions, you can now safely decide whether to choose an online class or a LIVE, in-person one.  Both the class formats are equally effective if you choose right.  The course content for both is the same too.  What determines your success in each is a keen understanding of what would benefit you the most.  Go over the questions above and answer honestly to find the best NMLS continuing education class for your needs.  Once you’ve decided… 

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