Prepping for Your MLO License? This NMLS Study Guide Ninja Prep Pack Will Help!

Student uses the Ninja Prep Pack NMLS Study Guide to prepare for exam

FACT: Preparing for your MLO license isn’t an easy job. 

After all, you have a 20-hour mandatory pre-licensing course to study and to be honest, most pre-licensing courses don’t give you complete mastery over must-know concepts, laws, and regulations. 

Add to that the fact that you may be juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities.

This makes it all the more difficult for you to squeeze out the time to go through pages and pages of information.

With a pass rate of a mere 54%, the NMLS SAFE exam is definitely a tough beast. 


How can you prepare for your MLO license without losing whatever’s left of your sanity? 

How can you master confusing concepts without wanting to fling a book at someone’s head? 

How can you give this your best shot and feel 100% confident when walking into the MLO exam hall?

Well, for starters, you can dig through some of our success-boosting resources, such as: 

5 Unignorable Hacks to Help you Ace the NMLS Exam

The Sure-to-Succeed NMLS Exam Prep Tip for the Serious Student with No Time to Waste 

The NMLS-Approved Mortgage Loan Originator ManualGet a FREE preview here. 

However, if you want to put your MLO license prep on the fast-track, you NEED rocket fuel for your learning routine. 

How do you get that rocket fuel? 

With THIS…

The Ninja Prep Pack for Fast-Tracking MLO License Study: NMLS Test Prep Study Guide + Audio Downloadable Flashcards + Practice Exams

The problem with most pre-licensing courses is that they’re too overwhelming for students.

That’s why we put together this robust post with red flags to watch out for when choosing an online pre-licensing course. 

Also, this one has a 5-point checklist to help you choose the best school for your 20-hour pre-licensing course. 

The reason we labored over these posts is that the state of most pre-licensing courses is seriously worrying for us. 

Packed with jargon, outdated and irrelevant information, these courses leave most students unprepared and lost. 

Don’t believe me though… here’s what some of our students had to say on Yelp.


It’s terribly sad to see students suffer because of the study material they had. 

That is why my team and I put together this one-of-a-kind prep pack… 

It includes:

The Advanced NMLS Test Prep Study Guide with over 700+ key facts that you must know so you can filter out the irrelevant and outdated with remarkable ease.




A selection of 375 audio downloadable flashcards to help you soak up the most important information while you’re on the go. Delivered in Q and A style, these flash cards are constantly updated and are designed to make learning concepts fast and easy!

PLUS, we give you TWO practice tests to test out your knowledge and gain the confidence you need to ace the actual NMLS SAFE exam. 

Why is this different from everything you may already have?

For starters, this slices through all the fluff and complexities and translates vital and significant concepts into easy-to-understand, everyday language. 

Next, the audio flashcards are designed for busy students who want to learn while on the go.

You can download these onto your phone or tablet, plug in your headphones and listen to them while you’re waiting in line, traveling by train, sitting at the coffee shop or doing the laundry or dishes. 

Third and most importantly, the 700+ facts included in the advanced NMLS study guide are hand-picked, updated and give you an insight into how the same content may be used to word questions differently to throw you off track.

For instance, you may know that RESPA or Regulation X applies to consumer protection for loans on residential properties but did you know that it does NOT apply to vacant land or properties containing more than 25 acres? 

There are SO many ways the examiners will try to trick you so it’s absolutely essential that you have complete confidence over the content when you take the exam. 

Again, don’t believe me…

Listen to students, just like you, who took this Ninja prep pack with the flashcards and study guide and knocked their tests out of the park. You’ll see some of them did it on their FIRST attempt! 

Here’s the thing… 

You can choose to continue to wade through a sea of confusing information OR you can slide straight to must-know concepts and master them without sacrificing your sleep or Netflix binge. 

You can choose to stay overwhelmed, lost and unprepared OR you can flex those confidence muscles, have blinding clarity and walk in to take your exam like a boss. 

What are you going to choose? 

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