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“I took my 20-hours with another school and didn’t retain anything from it!”

Do you feel unprepared, lost and overwhelmed while studying for the career-making NMLS exam?

Let’s change that!

You’ve tried the frustratingly inadequate

pre-licensing courses. Now it’s time to succeed with our LIVE ONLINE NMLS Test Prep crash course.

Whether you’re preparing for the first time or have taken the test and failed…

… it’s time for you to slay the overwhelm and confusion and walk into the exam hall with your confidence and your preparedness at an all-time high.

If you’ve taken a 20-hour pre-licensing class and failed the exam, it’s NOT your fault.

If you’ve taken a crash course that left you feeling worse than ever, it’s NOT your fault.

You didn’t know better.


Let’s flip the switch and give you what you really need…


that focuses only on the must-memorize information so you can pass your exam even if…

… you’re taking the exam for the first time and have NO mortgage or real estate experience!

This is the class you need if you want to cut through the outdated info and unnecessary details and only focus on the content that’ll get you the coveted PASS result!


5 hours of LIVE teaching ONLINE: You don’t have to travel for this live crash course. You can get the high-energy, laser-focused teaching our in-person classes are famous for from the comfort of your home and get real-time access to a lead instructor and classroom teaching.

Downloadable FLASHCards: Memorize with ease and on the go with this updated collection of audio downloadable flashcards for the most important concepts.

Advanced Study Manual: With over 800+ key concepts, this is a ready reckoner that distills must-know concepts into one easy-to-use resource.

15 practice exams: So you can test your knowledge and get a fair assessment of how you’ll score on D-Day.

Study Tools: for Federal Mortgage-Related Laws, Loan Origination Activities, General Mortgage Knowledge, SAFE Act and Uniform Safe Act and Ethics
Q and A Session: Get your questions answered LIVE once the class is over so you don’t have to Google anything NMLS-related anymore!

The quick-action, success driven 5-hour intensive LIVE ONLINE crash course for powered-up NMLS prep.  Trusted by thousands of successful students.

So who is Your Guide to NMLS Exam Success?

Hi! I’m Artricia Woods,

creator of the MLO Training Academy and director of training and senior instructor at Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Training.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Business Management and with over 15 years of experience as a real estate broker and mortgage expert, I have a fiery passion for empowering fellow professionals to maximize their earnings by gaining the credibility and qualifications needed.

An award-winning mortgage expert, broker, and speaker, I specialize in customer service, mortgage origination, training, and consulting, ensuring that professionals and businesses get the best education when it comes to real estate and mortgage rules and regulations!

When I’m not teaching at the MLO Training Academy, I’m speaking on NMLS pre-licensing, prep, and continuing education all over the country… or playing Fortnite games with my grandsons!!

BONUS! Prep Pack to Banish Overwhelm Forevermore

Your bonus prep pack comes packed-to-the-brim with study guides and tools that simplify learning so you aren’t huddled in a corner, crying your eyes out!

The “Successful Student Study Guide” (PDF Resource Guide): Want to swipe our most successful students’ study secrets? With this guide, you can! You’ll know how they mastered the most challenging concepts and what tricks they used to memorize confusing principles.

The 12 TIPS to Passing the NMLS [PDF Resource Guide]: Nail your NMLS success mindset and set the stage for slaying overwhelm and confusion with this quick resource guide.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an NMLS License [PDF Resource Guide]: We believe in your success and that’s why we give you the complete steps to take ONCE you’ve passed the exam and are ready to get your license!

SAFE ACT Definitions [Resource Guide]: A fast-and-easy guide to memorize the most important definitions related to the SAFE ACT.

NMLS Test Outline [PDF]: Know exactly how the NMLS test is laid out, what are the topics and sub-topics in each content area and the percentage weight that each area has for the test.

“Thank you Artricia Woods. After taking the exam twice and failing with previous schools, I only had one more shot before having to wait 6 months.

I listened to Artricia, went to the live crash course, studied the flash cards and finally passed the exam!! Highly recommended!!! Don’t waste your time and money on other training schools!”

– Tomer Y., Los Angeles, CA

“Took a 20 hour class online for my MLO license and failed miserably.

Found the live crash course that Artricia Woods teaches and it saved me. Taught in way that makes it easy to remember and learn key terms and laws.

If I would have taken the live 20 hour course she teaches along with the crash I would have aced the test.”

– Ronald T., Adelanto, CA

“So excited to share with everyone that I passed! I joined the crash course one week before my Exam, Artricia refreshed all the important material that helped us to remember… you MUST join the crash course, it’s really helpful!

I practiced all the Affinity Online Exams (10 Mop exam) and then I printed all out and studied all the answers again and again, at the real exam, of course, you must read and understand the questions clearly before you check the answer. Thank God, I made it! It’s not an easy exam. Highly recommend this school/crash course to you! Once again, thank you Artricia!”

– Money T., Monterey Park, CA

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t have real estate experience but I have taken my 20-hour pre-licensing class. Will this LIVE ONLINE crash course help me?

Yes, it will! It will strengthen your NMLS memory muscle and arm you with the must-know concepts that most pre-licensing classes overlook!

Once I pass this exam do I get an NMLS #?

You get your NMLS Number first – that is part of registering for the course – and we walk you thru it.

What if I have additional questions after the class?

While you’ll get plenty of time in class to ask questions, you can always ask questions in the Facebook group where you’ll have other students as well as instructors to help you.

What if I don’t like the class? Can I get a refund?

Since this is a live ONLINE class that includes the instructor’s personal time and study resources, we don’t offer refunds.

Instead, if you aren’t 100% sure… We recommend you watch some of our free YouTube videos to get a good feel for our teaching style and content.

What if I don’t take this class and fail the exam? Can I take it again?

Yes, you can BUT you must wait 30 days after each of your first four attempts to retake the test and six months after that. Do you really want to put your career on hold like that?

How much time will I need to spend on studying?

The LIVE ONLINE crash course is a 4.5-hour class.

In addition, you should have taken the mandatory 20-hour pre-licensing class as well.

We also strongly recommend you review and study your course materials for 10-15 hours before taking the exam.

Will I need additional study material after this live class?

Nope! We give you everything you need including flashcards, practice tests and a study guide with 700+ key facts!

Do I have to take more courses after this one?

Nope, again! This crash course will prepare you completely for taking the NMLS exam.

It’s time…

To simplify what needs to be studied and take the stress off.

The only question that remains is…

Are you ready?

Ready to cut through the confusion?

Ready to learn why the answer is the answer rather than just ‘click next’ on a mindless slideshow?

Ready to master NMLS concepts with confidence and ease?


Ready to pass YOUR NMLS Exam feeling completely prepared and confident?

more from our students:

“Thanks to Artricia and her crash course with Affinity Mortgage I passed my mortgage licensing test on my first try! I used a different company for my 20 hour course but still didn’t understand anything.

After I took Artricia’s course everything clicked and I’m a horrible test taker. She explains everything in a way that anyone can understand. Thanks again Artricia!”

Truc. D., Abbeville, LA

“Thank you Artricia! I followed your steps and studied all the material you sent me after completing your NMLS Crash Course and I just passed my test today on my first attempt with 90%!

Will definitely be recommending your class to anyone looking to get their NMLS State license.”

Patricia S., Glendale, CA

Our courses are perfect if you are new to the mortgage industry and for experienced professionals who are getting back in the business. All courses are led by skilled lending professionals who know the business inside and out. Critical concepts are clearly and thoroughly explained, and all your questions are answered in our programs.

We have live, online and webinar style training for the NMLS Exam Prep Class that start on YOUR schedule.


Three Convenient Choices – Pick Your Favorite!

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