What is an NMLS Prep Crash Course, Really?

Most NMLS prep crash courses are fairly long and require at least a week or more to finish.

Even our own online NMLS prep course has 5 modules and will need at least 15-20 hours a week to go through. Now our online NMLS training program is a FANTASTIC course for anyone who wants to study at their own pace and can devote regular time every day to go through the material and finish it.

However, not everyone has that kind of time or discipline. 

In addition, sometimes, you may go through an online course by another institute and discover that it doesn’t give you enough information to make you feel fully confident about taking the exam.

When time is at a premium or when you want a course to help plug the gaps in a way that’s hyper-focused and fairly intense, you choose a LIVE crash course. 

Our 5-hour LIVE NMLS Crash Course is a highly concentrated study solution for aspiring MLOs with no time to waste!

Spread across 5 fast-paced hours and held LIVE in a classroom right here in California, you get to dig deep into must-know MLO concepts so you can be fully prepared and completely confident about taking that SAFE exam.

Before I help you decide whether or not an NMLS Prep Crash Course is perfect for you… pop in your details below to get INSTANT access to my FREE eBook “CREATE YOUR OWN NMLS SUCCESS PATH”  right NOW!

Is an NMLS Prep Crash Course Right For YOU?

It depends.

Have you taken a 20-hour pre-licensing class and want a thorough look at concepts that have been challenging your grey cells? 

Have you taken the exam earlier and failed and now want falter-free confidence so you don’t make the same mistakes again? 

Have you taken an online NMLS program with another institute and found it lacking or confusing? 


Then, the LIVE 5-hour prep crash course is perfect for you. It is perfect for you if you want to walk into the examination hall with zero nervousness.

A crash course, however, iNOT a substitute for your 20-hour pre-licensing class. You have to take that. No two ways about it. 🙂

Online or Offline: How to Choose the Best NMLS Prep Crash Course

Once you know that a crash course can help you skyrocket your chances of succeeding at an exam that has a miserable 55% pass rate, you need to figure out whether or not you should choose an online crashcourse or a LIVE one. 

This decision is made simple when you answer the question: How focused can YOU get when you’re left on your own? 

Are you super focused and can put blinders on to any and all distractions so you can dig deep into your study material in a disciplined way?  – If yes, then, an online prep crash course can be a great idea.


If you find yourself being pulled away from your study to maybe, scroll through Facebook or check text messages or watch the latest funny cat video on YouTube…


A live, in-person class is what you need.

A LIVE NMLS prep crash course class like ours is 5-hours long, fast-paced and fairly intense without being overwhelming. You get to learn from a highly qualified trainer and get access to fluff-free training material while connecting with other students in a classroom setting. If you’re in California or can fly in for a day, this will be the best option because it’s focused, distraction-free, instructor-led and small group training at its finest. 😉

Alright then… now you know that an NMLS crash course may not be a magic pill but it sure can magically alter your chances of success by ensuring you have your MLO concepts straight and at your fingertips!

 Join us for a LIVE 5-Hour NMLS Crash Course Now!

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