LIVE 20-hour Mortgage Loan Originator SAFE Comprehensive Course

“This course is perfect for those that are new to the Mortgage Industry  as well as experienced real estate and mortgage professionals looking to re-enter into the mortgage business.”

Real Estate Licensing Class

Our course has been updated to include TRID, New HUD Rules, and the New Borrowers Home Loan Tool Kit.

Satisfy the NMLS licensing requirements in the classroom with one of our instructors in just two days!  This course is perfect for those that are new to the Mortgage Industry  as well as experience real estate and mortgage professionals looking to re-enter into the mortgage business.

This is the National 20 Hour S.A.F.E. Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Course from Affinity Real Estate & Mortgage Training. The course is packed with everything you need to successfully complete your  educational requirements in an informative and entertaining setting.

The SAFE Act requires that California Mortgage Loan Originators complete 20 hours of NMLS approved basic education before receiving an NMLS endorsement. This course satisfies that requirement.

This course covers:

  • 3 hours of Federal Lending Legislation
  • 3 hours of Ethics
  • 2 hours of Non-traditional Mortgage Products
  • 10 hours of elective topics on key concepts including: federal regulations, privacy protection, consumer ID, and predatory lending protection laws, government loan programs, the SAFE Act, and financial calculations
  • 2 hours of California specific material designed to cover the DBO regulations.

If you have a real estate license, you will be licensed by the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE), if you do NOT have a real estate license, you will be licensed by the Department of Business Oversite (DBO).  A MLO license endorsement will carry a nationwide identification number known as a “unique identifier” which will be assigned by the NMLS. The term and license identification number of the “base” real estate license will not change.  

Every MLO Applicant must take the 125 question National  Exam. The exam is relatively standard. It includes 125 computer-generated, multiple-choice questions that must be answered within three hours and originators must achieve a passing score of 75 percent or better. That’s just a little pressure, especially considering that many people who fail do so by only two or three points.

According to the NMLS, between July 30, 2009, and this past December 2016, the pass rate for first-time national-component test- takers was 69 percent. If you fail, you must wait 30 days after each of your first four attempts to retake the test and six months after that. Can your business afford to be sidelined for that long?

Take a LIVE class.   As a mortgage professional, your time is valuable. 

Taking a live course taught by a skilled instructor with whom you can interact captures your attention far longer than any other format would,  and captured attention means greater levels of understanding and retention.

Each student will receive the following:

  • Each class session will consist of no more than 20-25 students MAX.  We believe students learn better in a smaller learning environment.
  • Each student will receive a video/audio of important points to remember (approx 45min) of important facts to master in order to pass the NMLS National Exam
  • All Students will receive five (5) Practice Test for the NMLS.
  • All Students will receive the 500+ PowerPoint Slides used during the course.
  • All Students will receive a Hondros Textbook as well as a Student Workbook to be used during training
  • Updated October 2017 – 125 Drill for Skill PowerPoint full of exam study notes for the National Exam. This resource provides advice, guidance, and direction in preparing for and taking your NMLS test. It will direct you to additional resources on each of the major topics of RESPA, Dodd-Frank, Reg Z, Acts and dates with links to each Math Supplement. Designed to help you with the difficult math questions that appear on the National Exam

Immediately provided upon enrollment (instant download) – students will receive the following:

  • Detailed Course Outline
  • (1) Practice Exam will be immediately downloadable
  • Guidelines to obtain your NMLS Unique Identifier  (NMLS #)
  • 12 TIPS to passing the NMLS Exams  

In order to get credit for this course you need to obtain a unique NMLS ID#. Review the license requirements for instructions on obtaining an NMLS ID#.

$395.00 Tuition ($30 NMLS  already included).

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